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About Jay Snell and the Abrahamic Covenant Revelation

Dr. Jay Snell is a former Southern Baptist Pastor and Evangelist. He has been told he holds the SBC record for the number of evangelistic campaigns held in a given time span. As a pastor, every church Jay Snell served experienced exploding growth. One pastorate gained over five hundred in average Sunday School attendance Jay Snell's first twelve months on the field. Considering the location of this church, the condition of the buildings and the poor financial posture of this church, this ministry also set records. During that same pastorate, Jay Snell led that state in baptisms all five years he was there.

While still a Baptist...

While still a Baptist, God revealed to Jay Snell that Healing, Prosperity and Well Being for our families is contained in the Abrahamic covenant. Therefore these things belong to all Christians now. He showed him why Jesus will heal and prosper us Christians today. Then the blessed Lord instructed Jay Snell to research and document from both Greek and Hebrew this Abrahamic revelation of Healing and Prosperity.

Finally, He showed Jay that He wanted him to write in books everything he had researched and documented. This task required seven years to research and write the first four books described elsewhere in this Site.

Trinity Broadcasting Network...

Trinity Broadcasting Network became aware of these books and interviewed Jay Snell many, many times concerning them.

As a result of the great amount of publicity given them by TBN, these books have changed lives (See What Readers Say.) and ministries (See What Ministers Say.) In addition, Jay Snell has taught this Abrahamic revelation in churches and conferences across America. These books answer the question, "Why Jesus will heal and prosper you now."  

Two more things to note...

  • 1. He is included in Two Thousand Outstanding Scholars of the Twentieth Century 

  • 2. He is on The Board of Directors of Kings Way Christian College and Seminary.

His Mission...

  1. To build the faith of Christians today:

  2. To enable them to know that they are the present day Abrahamic Seed Group.

  3. To enable them to know that Healing and Prosperity belong to them now.

  4. To enable them to fully understand how to obtain their Abrahamic Healing and Prosperity.


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