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How to Generate Christian Wealth

Five Simple Steps you must take to accumulate massive wealth

Learn here how Abraham became extremely wealthy.

The free e-Books you receive here prove that God wants to make you wealthy the same way He did Abraham

You must do the same Five Simple Steps that Abraham did to obtain the wealth that God promised you in the Abrahamic covenant.

You will see the precedent for Biblical tithing and giving offerings above and beyond the tithe that Abraham set. You will see how his tithing and giving (when there was no law commanding him to tithe and give offerings) made him extremely wealthy. Abraham was probably one of the richest men.

This Website dispels the devil's myth that God wants you in poverty.

You are about to learn how tithing and making offerings enables you to overcome the only two things that stand between you and the wealth God promised you. Here are Faith Building Nuggets you probably haven't seen before. In these Five Simple Steps to Abrahamic Wealth, you get the following:

  • You learn how tithes and offerings enable you to overcome the two reasons why you are not wealthy God's way

  • You learn how tithes and offerings enable you to tap into God's seven Abrahamic blessing powers that produce wealth His way

  • You learn how tithes and offerings cause God to make inanimate objects supernaturally live to grow a financial harvest for you

  • You learn how tithes and offerings get you an automatic audience with God for wealth producing purposes

  • You learn how to pray the Financial Blessing Prayer to receive your financial blessing

  • You learn the Seven Benefits of Bible Tithing and Offering

  • You learn that these Seven Benefits apply to Christian Tithing today

  • You learn, consequently, why Christians should tithe today

  • You learn how to make your church offering and tithe and reap the  benefits in making it properly

But there is even more.

This is not even the beginning of God's financial blessing machine.

  • You learn there is even more financial blessings in giving beyond the tithe and offering

  • You learn about mustard seed faith like Abraham had in addition to tithes and offerings

  • You learn about the seed faith principle that Abraham knew in addition to tithes and offerings

  • You learn that giving beyond the tithe is where the greatest riches of God manifest in your life

  • You learn that the principles and steps in this book are God's blueprint to extreme wealth for you, beginning with your tithes and offerings.

  • You learn that gospel prosperity that begins with your tithe and offering is God's ironclad fact

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Book #8:  How To Amass Abrahamic Wealth

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Free One or Two Page Articles on Christian Wealth (Faith Building)

1. What is the Storehouse Where the Tithes Go?

2. When Will I Reap My Financial Harvest? Tithe and the harvest is on its way.

3. God has Pleasure When Christians Prosper Tithe and give offerings and prosperity is a given.

4. The Universal Law of Prosperity always starts with tithes and offerings.

Free Sample Chapter on Christian Wealth

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We will send you faith building articles once or twice a month concerning the other things God promised you in the Abrahamic covenant including:

  • Healing contained in the Abrahamic covenant for you

  • Christian Wealth and Prosperity contained in the Abrahamic covenant for you

  • Family Well Being contained in the Abrahamic covenant for you

  • Spiritual Warfare contained in the Abrahamic covenant for you

  • Eternal Security contained in the Abrahamic covenant for you

  • Positioning of The Rapture contained in the Abrahamic covenant for you

  • All this is in addition to your Salvation contained in the Abrahamic covenant for you

All the subjects above are presented in the light of the Abrahamic covenant.

Always remember, The Abrahamic Seed Group Newsletter has only one purpose.

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