How Faith Works

How Faith Works shows you how to use your faith to obtain what you need from God

Here, in How Faith Works, you will find the most sensible, easy to understand, yet comprehensive teaching on faith that is available anywhere. Pastors from across the country have said that How Faith Works is the best teaching on faith there is. They say that our definition of faith, based on New Testament Greek but presented in plain English, is the best they have ever seen. Study this How Faith Works page and the links concerning how faith works very thoroughly. You'll be glad you did. You will feel your own faith rise as you do. 

What is Faith?

Faith is information (instructions) we get from God for us to act upon. 

How Faith Works declares that this information shows us in advance what God will do about a given issue before He does it. This information also shows us in advance what our part is this future activity of God. In other words, in How Faith Works, God not only shows us in advance what He is about to do, He shows us in advance what He wants us to do with Him in this given future activity. This information is what the Bible says is faith. All this and more in How Faith Works.

In How Faith Works, we take the case of Noah as an example. God showed Noah in advance everything about the Flood and its consequences. He also showed him in advance what his part was in this future undertaking. He showed him that He wanted him to build an ark and what kind of wood to use. He also showed him how high, how long and how wide to build it. He showed Noah in advance about the animals etc., etc., etc.. This advance information is what the Bible calls "faith."

This is just some of what you learn in How  Faith Works.

Just about all the faith teaching, religious faith teaching, word of faith teaching, Christian faith teaching, faith and works teaching and faith in God teachings and movements fail to see this. They fail to see that faith is advance information. Faith is information God gives us to walk out or act upon. Faith enables us to know in advance. All this and more in How Faith Works.


How does Faith work?

Bible faith is usually an "if - then" proposition.

We show you, in How Faith Works, that in the advance information (faith) we get from God, there are thing(s) for us to do. "If" we do them, "then" God will do what He declared in our advance (faith) information. For instance, God showed Noah that he would "save his house" provided he built the ark according to the advance faith warning. To put it differently, Noah would not have saved his house had he not acted upon the faith information he received from God. Acting upon our faith information is called "believe" in the Bible.

Again, most of the faith teachings, word of faith teachings, Christian faith teachings, faith and works teachings and faith in God teachings and movements, fail to clearly see the "if - then" aspect. Their systems are bankrupt to the extent they leave out this vital element. How Faith Works changes all this. It supplies faith building answers to the above problems  

What is the difference in Faith and Believe?

"Faith" is information. Information is a "noun." Faith is a noun that tells us what we have. Believe, on the other hand, is a verb. Believe is what we do. Believe is acting upon our faith or our advance information. Please note the following statement extremely well!

In How Faith Works, you learn that "believe," in the Bible, does not reside between our ears. Believe is not just agreeing mentally with what God said in a scripture. Believe, in the Bible sense, is acting out what is contained in the "if" part of our advance faith information. To put it differently, Noah acted out his part (building the ark etc.) of the advance faith information God gave him. (As we have seen already, this advance info is what the Bible refers to as faith.)

Finally, most of the faith teachings, religious faith teachings, word of faith teachings, Christian faith teachings, faith and works teachings and faith in God teaching and movements fail to make the above distinction. Again, they are flawed to the extent they do not see this distinction. 

For a full complete and comprehensive treatment of Faith and Believe...

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