How to be Healed by Faith NOW

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God gave us Eight Ways to be healed, starting NOW in Chapter One of our classic:

Healing for the Rest of Us

One pastor said, "Whatever you do, never let this book go out of print!"

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Four More Powerful Healing Tools follow to help you get  healed by faith now! Read on below. We believe that every thing you need for healing by faith is on this page.

1. The most powerful place to start your healing is the Battle Healing Prayer.

This is by far the most effective weapon for healing. It is your loaded gun for healing from beginning to the end of any sickness. It is not a "now I lay me down to sleep" kind of prayer. It is weapon of war.

Your Battle Healing Prayer also beats off the devil in other areas of you life. Whatever or wherever the devil attacks you and/or your loved ones, finances, business, job situation etc. you Battle Healing Prayer works every time you work it.

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2.  As you begin using your Battle Healing Prayer, here are some short faith builders that builds you up for your healing.

They show you that it is God's will to heal his children.

Whose Report will You Believe for Your Healing?
Why More Aren't Healed and What We Can Do About It?
Healing and Authority: Special Scriptures
God Wants All His Children Healed
Here's You Six Power Activators for Healing
Your Battle Healing Prayer

3.  You need some crystal clear, powerful Healing Scriptures to keep your faith up for healing. Here they are.

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4. You need to see God's Eight Ways to be Healed that we spoke of above that He uses to heal all his children

Actually, these Eight Healing Delivery Vehicles are Chapter One in our book Healing for the Rest of Us. The Table of Contents for this faith building book follows below.

One pastor said, "Whatever you do, never let this book get out of print. It contains more faith building information on healing than we preachers will preach in our lifetime."

Here is Chapter One for you to see God's Eight Healing Delivery Vehicles.

Obviously, this book contains things you need to know about how to get your healing now.


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