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Many ask us if we hear of full-time and/or part-time income opportunities suitable for Christians. As we hear, we will include them below.

ForMor International: Business Opportunity Based On Christian Principles

ForMor International (FMI), located in Conway Arkansas, is an innovative total wellness company that is a world wide leader in the development of breakthrough health and wellness products. With an expanding distributor force that spans over 30 countries, FMI offers a global business opportunity with no limits. FMI leads the industry with an actual payout of over 60% since 1996. We have paid out more than 30 million in commissions with several distributors earning in excess of $1 million.

FMI is more than great products and a great business opportunity; we also believe we are blessed to be a blessing. In 1999, FMI partnered with Feed The Children International. At the request of Feed The Children, we formulated a unique soy-based nutritional drink for children. Since then our distributors have donated thousands of containers of this specially formulated super food to children all over the world.

FMI is looking for motivated individuals to help expand our business further into the Christian community. If you would like a free information package on this fabulous opportunity, call James Abbey at 800-739-7898 or email him. Be sure and include your name, address, email, and phone number. 

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James Abbey --- ForMor International ---  Office:(501)329-1396

Anthony Ianosel and Freelife

Here is another Christian Brother we know and an opportunity to make extra/full time income. Recommended by doctors and pharmacists, Anthony Ianosel's Freelife may be just what you are looking for. Seems good to me. Remember also that I have known Anthony for many, many years.

Go to Anthony's website and see for yourself.

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